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We are taking a week off from running the online store. Please check back on Friday or Saturday (May 14 or 15) for our next offers.

Thank you for visiting our Online Store. At Mattawoman Creek Farms we are proud to say that everything we sell is 100% USDA Certified Organic and Grown by Us at 4103 Barlow Creek Lane, Eastville, VA 23347!

At the end of each week, we survey all the crops on our farm and determine what we can offer online for the next week. We open this store on Friday or Saturday whenever we can and send an email announcing what we have to offer.  On Sunday or Monday, we send a reminder email about our order-deadlines. Some weeks, we sell out of some items before the order deadlines, so it is important to make your order as soon as you can. We close the store once it is too late to make harvest plans and pack orders for that week. Right now that is on Tuesday evenings. The best way to know when the online store is open for taking orders is to add yourself to our email list at the link below:

Email List Signup Form.


Our Online Store provides our customers with the opportunity to purchase from the following categories whenever we have options available:

CSA Subscriptions

Herb Plants

Vegetable Plants

Organic Produce

To see what we have to offer click on the  links to those categories.

Items sold on our online store are not for resale.

We do not ship any of our produce or plants. Instead you choose one of our pickup times/locations and meet us then and there to receive your order. We process all payments through our Paypal account; however, you do not have to have a Paypal account to make any single-payment purchase. You will need a Paypal account for any multi-payment options. After you confirm your order, you will be taken to our PayPal checkout page where you will complete the purchase. Once you complete your order, you will receive a payment confirmation from PayPal. If you do not receive that email, your order was not completed properly. Please try again.

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