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Here are some of our favorite photos from past seasons!


These are some of the 45,000 vegetable, herb and flower plants that have been started in our greenhouse this year. Germination results have been excellent! Pictured are red cabbage and red and green leaf and romaine lettuce.

Bunching Onions

Pictured are bunching onions (also called spring onions). We start them in the greenhouse and then transplant them to the field.

Tilling the Fields

Rick is incorporating cover crop organic matter into the soil prior to planting. Performing two tillage operations in one pass saves time and fuel.

Transplanting Peppers

Rich and Tracey are using the water wheel transplanter to plant pepper plants that were started in our greenhouse.

Planting in the Field

Brad, Rebecca and Tommy are transplanting green and red leaf lettuce. We transplant two rows, water, add organic fertilizer and lay drip irrigation tape all in one pass.

Potatoes in Field

Seven varieties of potatoes have been planted and hilled, and are just beginning to emerge. The cover crop growing on the adjacent bed will act as a wind break and attract beneficial insects.

Lely Weeding

Luke is using a "blind" weeder to cultivate the potato beds. This cultivator exposes weed hairs that subsequently dry out and die.


Evergreen bunching onions are in the outer rows, and a late season onion variety is planted in the middle row.

Lely Weeding

Our potatoes are up and growing. We have observed large populations of Lady Beetles (a beneficial insect) already on the farm this spring. You can spot a couple of them in this photo.

Potatoes in the Field

Potato plants are in full bloom. We have planted several varieties as you can tell by the different colored flowers. Our first potato harvest should occur in a few weeks.


Here is a sample of the first harvest of our Rose Gold potatoes, a delicious yellow flesh variety.

Potato Wagon

The crew is heading back in with the day's harvest of potatoes.

Grading Potatoes

Washing and grading All-Blue potatoes under the shade of the packing tent is a welcome job on a hot summer day.


Pictured are Purple Top White Globe turnips with greens.


The basil is responding well after the first cuttings went out to our CSA subscribers.

Kids on the Wagon

These kids are having lots of fun after digging potatoes at one of our open farm events.


Several of our lettuce seedings have been transplanted to the field and are doing nicely. Pictured from left to right are red romaine, red leaf, green leaf and green romaine lettuce.


Rick and Tommy are planting seed. This is the only planter we use since it will plant virtually all size seeds.

Cabbage plants

Pictured are two of our cabbage varieties, a small red variety and a green savoy type of cabbage.

Staking Tomatoes

Becky and Tommy are doing some early staking of tomato plants. For our large tomato transplants, we stake them early with short stakes to provide them with support and allow us to cultivate the beds.


Squire curly kale.


We find that the heirloom varieties of broccoli are the best tasting. While the heads are generally smaller, the plants also produce many side sprouts, thus extending the harvest.

Green Beans in Field

The Eastern Shore is well known for string beans, and we are very pleased with the results we are able to achieve with an organic system.


Early Mizuna Mustard


Collard Greens


We are growing sunflowers to attract beneficial insects and to shade our lettuce from the hot summer sun.

Bok Choi

Bok Choi - a Chinese cabbage

Farm Field

With a CSA program, the proper sequencing of crops is a real challenge. In this photo are multiple plantings of tomatoes, as well as eggplant, squash and cucumbers at various stages of growth.

Packing CSA Box

Two members of our farm crew are carefully packing standard size CSA boxes.

Grape Tomatoes

Our vine ripened organic grape tomatoes are sweet and delicious.

Row Cover

Pictured here is the process of laying out row covers. We use these for crops that are at risk for early severe insect damage.

Slicing Tomatoes

Our large red slicing tomatoes are beginning to ripen.

Napa Cabbage

Pictured is Bilko Cabbage (a variety of Napa Cabbage) growing in the field.

Red Beets

It has been a great year for beets.

Fisrt Squash on the Vine

Here is a close up of those early yellow squash!

Winter Squash

This is a new variety of winter squash called Sugar Dumpling.

Bachelor Buttons in the Field

The Bachelor Buttons cheer us all up at the end of those long hot days in the field.

Planting Garlic

We use a water wheel transplanter to punch holes in preparation for planting garlic.

Cleaning Up Old Beds

J.P. is flail mowing crop residue after the crop is finished for the season. The crop residue adds organic matter to the soil.

Our Crew

We appreciate our great crew of young people so much for all the hard work they do!

Cover Crop in the Field

We grow our organic fertilizer. Cover crops add organic matter and nutrients to our soil.

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